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Man at BART station

43 Stations. 43 BARThoods.

Where transit hubs meet neighborhoods, there is a story. What's yours?

About this project

These four sites are designed to demonstrate a fresh approach to reporting and presentation of local news. Think of them as portals, each with a widening focus as we shift from street corner, to transit hub, to suburbs and exurbs and finally, to an innovative tool for sharing hard-to-find data about cities all over the Bay Area.

We are grateful to the Carnegie and Knight Foundations for supporting the young journalists whose talent and creativity is displayed here and to the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism, a pioneer in hyper-local reporting technique, for providing the inspiration that has guided this work. We owe special thanks to Josh Williams, Richard Koci Hernandez and Paul Grabowicz, for sharing their skill and wisdom with endless patience. Our hope is to enrich the detail and depth of local reporting across the country by encouraging journalists, particularly freelancers and hyper-local websites, to pick up where we left off. So please, STEAL OUR STUFF.

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