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43 Stations. 43 BARThoods.

Where transit hubs meet neighborhoods, there is a story.

Where stations are planned, how they are built, and who they serve all have a significant impact on your community. As regular BART riders ourselves, we know that impact matters. Here are some of those stories. Find more at

Who's using transit in your BARThood?

Ridership Chart

The 2008 BART Station Profile Study, now visualized.

See where ridership has changed over the last 10 years, and compare who’s riding to neighborhood demographics from Claritas.

Come Find Us

What's your BARThood?

Post your photos and videos to Flickr under Creative Commons, tag them with "BART" and the station name, and they’ll appear on


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Will the transit village bridge the east-west divide or widen the gap in the BARThood?


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How a fight over parking garages changed this BARThood – and what has happened since.

16th St. Mission

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High rises in the Mission? Planners once envisioned a very different BARThood.

Pittsburg/Bay Point

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What do you find at the end of the line? We went to this BARThood to find out.