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Brooke Minters, reporter/producer

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Brooke Minters is a video and print journalist. A graduate of UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism, she previously worked at The Philadelphia Inquirer as a Kaiser Family Foundation Health Reporting intern and on the PBS documentary series Frontline. Her work has also appeared in The San Francisco Chronicle, The Los Angeles Times, and CNN. Originally from L.A., but she has lived in New York, Spain and Cuba. She’s been called “the walking IMDB.

Stories by Brooke Minters

VIDEO: The Farm

Their idealism gave rise to the local and organic food movement.

Some stayed, most left. It’s been forty years since busloads of hippies caravanned to Tennessee to go “back to the land,” and create a commune — The Farm. The seeds they planted helped give rise to today’s organics movement. Continue reading

VIDEO: The Dark Future of Food Advertising

DORITOS 626 interactive ad campaign

The Doritos Asylum 626 ad campaign is a super interactive kind of experience where kids log in and connect their cameras and mics and Facebook accounts and experience a kind of personalized horror film. All in the name of selling Doritos chips. Continue reading

VIDEO: The Disappearing Farmer

It's hard for the small farmer. It's harder when you're black.

Fresh collard greens and black-eyed peas. He brings these traditional foods to historically African-American neighborhoods. Who will take his place? Who will keep the farming tradition going when he retires? Continue reading