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America’s food system is being super-sized. But a new crop of farmers and activists are working to solve difficult questions about technology, scale, and values in how America feeds itself. Our five-part series takes you inside efforts to transform the future of food in America.

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VIDEO: The Politics of Food

A family diner in Iowa City has become an obligatory campaign stop for nearly every presidential hopeful. The restaurant even started its own version of the Iowa caucuses, with coffee beans.

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VIDEO: A Farm in New Orleans

Thousands of Latino immigrants came to New Orleans to work in the post-Katrina construction boom, but many were farmers in their home countries. A farming cooperative has sprung up to help these new arrivals take root in their adopted city.

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VIDEO: The Dark Future of Food Advertising

The Doritos Asylum 626 ad campaign is a super interactive kind of experience where kids log in and connect their cameras and mics and Facebook accounts and experience a kind of personalized horror film. All in the name of selling Doritos chips.

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VIDEO: The Disappearing Farmer

Fresh collard greens and black-eyed peas. He brings these traditional foods to historically African-American neighborhoods. Who will take his place? Who will keep the farming tradition going when he retires?

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