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Andrea Jezovit, web producer

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Andrea Jezovit is a Toronto-born journalist and editor turned web geek, currently completing an MSc in Electronic Publishing at City University London. Andrea studied magazine journalism at Ryerson University in Toronto, and her written work has appeared in publications including Canadian Business and The Globe and Mail. These days, she's interested in web development, data visualization, and innovative ways of telling stories online.

Stories by Andrea Jezovit

Superfruits Graphic showing popularity of superfruits in Google searches

INFOGRAPHIC: Googling Superfoods

The changing popularity of superfruits through time.

Just how successful have marketers been at making us care about pomegranate, blueberry and goji? To find out, enter the world of superfruits as seen through Google search popularity. Compare the explosion of açaí, the rise of pomegranate and the waning popularity of noni – and discover some of the key turning points. Continue reading

Graphic by Andrea Jezovit

INFOGRAPHIC: Calories vs. Price

Which would you choose?

Are foods high in calories, sodium and sugar really cheaper than fresh, natural foods? We put 30 common supermarket items on a scatterplot to see how their calories, sodium and sugar per serving match up to their price per serving. Continue reading

INFOGRAPHIC: Where Do Americans Get Their Calories?

The changing American diet

In the past 20 years, obesity rates rose dramatically in the U.S. In many states nearly a third of adults are now obese. Where exactly are Americans getting the calories to grow their girths? How many more calories are being consumed than in previous decades? Continue reading