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Anja Strejcek, reporter

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Anja is a master’s student in International Broadcast Journalism at City University London with a specialization in technology. She has a lifelong passion for personal stories and interviewing people. Before joining News21, she worked in television and produced various TV documentaries that were broadcast on German television. Anja holds a bachelor’s degree in Mass Media and Communication Science from the University of Vienna and is also author of the book The Intensity of TV-consumption and the Impact on Life Satisfaction. She loves to travel and has lived in many places including Leipzig, New York, New Jersey, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Vienna, London and now Berkeley.

Stories by Anja Strejcek

The Science of Food Addiction

Can a doughnut act like a drug?

Jan, the vice president of a public relations firm, tried everything she could think of to lose weight. The 58-year-old, who declined to share her full name, tried the traditional route with various diets, including Weight Watchers. She also tried more extreme techniques, such as demanding that her husband threaten her with divorce if she did not lose weight. None of it worked. Continue reading