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A News21 food and health reporting project by UC Berkeley School of Journalism

Carl Nasman, reporter/producer

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Carl Nasman is a News 21 fellow and a television journalism student at the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism. His reporting for The Ration included stories about genetically modified food, radioactive milk, time-lapse farming and undercover animal activists. Nasman has worked for CBS College Sports and ESPN and he is a fluent Spanish speaker.

Stories by Carl Nasman

VIDEO: Farms, Lies and Videotape

Who gets to tell the story of America's largest livestock farms?

Iowa is ground zero for undercover investigations of livestock facilities by animal rights activists. It is also the first of four states to try to ban them. One former investigator goes public for the first time to offer a rare glimpse at how these videos are made, and what’s at stake for farmers, animals and consumers. Continue reading

VIDEO: The Dark Future of Food Advertising

DORITOS 626 interactive ad campaign

The Doritos Asylum 626 ad campaign is a super interactive kind of experience where kids log in and connect their cameras and mics and Facebook accounts and experience a kind of personalized horror film. All in the name of selling Doritos chips. Continue reading

Feds scale down monitoring in milk, water

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has scaled back the monitoring of radiation in milk, drinking water and rain, saying data shows radiation levels related to the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant are consistently declining. The California Public Health Laboratory in … Continue reading