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Mario Furloni, video producer/reporter

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Videographer, editor, documentary producer.

Stories by Mario Furloni

VIDEO: The (Open-Source) Ecologist

A farm run by DIY technologists aims to revolutionize agriculture.

Marcin Jakubowski traded in a promising career in nuclear fusion for a farm in Missouri, with a plan to radically decentralize agriculture. Using a DIY ethos and open source plans, this 2011 TED fellow is trying to re-engineer 40 important farm tools, creating a kind of Lego set for farmers anywhere in the world to build their own farming equipment with readily available materials. Continue reading

VIDEO: The Politics of Food

Iowa City's Hamburg Inn carved a place for itself in national politics.

A family diner in Iowa City has become an obligatory campaign stop for nearly every presidential hopeful. The restaurant even started its own version of the Iowa caucuses, with coffee beans. Continue reading

VIDEO: The Dark Future of Food Advertising

DORITOS 626 interactive ad campaign

The Doritos Asylum 626 ad campaign is a super interactive kind of experience where kids log in and connect their cameras and mics and Facebook accounts and experience a kind of personalized horror film. All in the name of selling Doritos chips. Continue reading

Rethink The Food Label graphic by Diana Jou

Rethink The Food Label

The Nutrition Facts label is confusing. The Obama administration wants to create an easier to understand label, that offers better information that is currently available. We asked the public to submit design ideas a more user-friendly nutrition facts label. Continue reading