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Vanessa Carr, video producer

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Vanessa Carr is a video producer and documentary photographer. She has interned at Need to Know on PBS, the Center for Investigative Reporting and the San Francisco Bay Guardian. An East Coast native, she has a B.A. in environmental biology from Columbia University and master's degree in journalism from UC Berkeley.

Stories by Vanessa Carr

VIDEO: Farms, Lies and Videotape

Who gets to tell the story of America's largest livestock farms?

Iowa is ground zero for undercover investigations of livestock facilities by animal rights activists. It is also the first of four states to try to ban them. One former investigator goes public for the first time to offer a rare glimpse at how these videos are made, and what’s at stake for farmers, animals and consumers. Continue reading

VIDEO: A Farm in New Orleans

Latino immigrants put down roots in the Chocolate City

Thousands of Latino immigrants came to New Orleans to work in the post-Katrina construction boom, but many were farmers in their home countries. A farming cooperative has sprung up to help these new arrivals take root in their adopted city. Continue reading